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Webmaster's Elementary

Is it difficult to become a webmaster? HTML Webspace SSI CGI
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Advanced tools

To learn advanced web-technologies it is necessary to turn the computer into web-server. There are many programs carrying out WWW-server tasks under Windows. The most well-known is MS Personal Web Server of standard Win 9x distributive package. My opinion of this software is following: I do not recommend to use it. Though it suports SSI and Active Server Pages, its destructive influence to your system can overweight any advantages. Moreover, most of free web-hosting providers do not support ASP, because the absolute majority of them use operating systems of Unix family.

Fortunately, there are quite enough alternatives of MS PWS. You can read about them at www.listsoft.com.

For example, the noteworthy one is Small HTTP Server by Max Feoktistov. Though small in size (only 32KB), this is full-value web-server which allows to test a dynamic web-site on the local machine. Unfortunately, when I needed such a software, it did not supported SSI yet.

That's why I found the alternative. Now I use Xitami server by Imatix company. This is quite user-friendly software which does not overload the CPU and is flexibly controlled via web-interface. However, SSI in current version is realized by Perl script, so it is necessary to install Perl interpreter for Windows as well. Generally, the interpreter is anyway necessary if you intend to use CGI. Absolute majority of hosts where scripts are allowed use exactly Perl.

And, nearly forgot: when your machine becomes web-server, its local IP-address must be

Is it difficult to become a webmaster? HTML Webspace SSI CGI
Advanced tools  Styles  Other technologies  Names, names...  Non-final conclusions

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