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Webmaster's Elementary

Is it difficult to become a webmaster? HTML Webspace SSI CGI
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Is it Difficult to Become a Webmaster?

Yes, it is.

Though "difficult" does not mean "impossible". In this section of my site I shall tell how I have "requalified for house manager" and what I have faced with on this way.

Visitors of my site probably understood that I have linguistic education. In other words, I have no fundamental knowledge the webmaster usually must have. So I had to study in the way of tries and mistakes.

Should notice, that I did not become a true web-designer, and probably never become:-)*. However I got enough knowledge to create and to run my own site. In general, there's nothing to be scared of. You must have a motivation, and the necessary result can be achieved - naturally if the result is extremely necessary.

All began from E-Mail. I had to get an e-mail address, and registered on a free e-mail and hosting server www.chat.ru. Mail is mail, but the bothering idea of megabytes laying without use periodically appeared.

Then surfing the Internet I had come across with rather popular "Practical HTML Guidebook" by Nikolay Chuvakhin, written simply and comprehensively. So I trained in writing small HTML-files - it has turned out. After that I has built some pages and uploaded them to my megabytes at http://www.chat.ru/~alemasov/.

Having started the site, I formally became a webmaster (almost the same as some office hire a person and call him an engineer).


*)  However, this statement should not be so categorical any more.
There is a site http://www.tekmetrics.com/ (now http://www.brainbench.com/) where any interested person may undergo one of 42 examinations online. As far as I know, results of testing by Tekmetrics are quoted highly enough and are seriously considered by potential employers.

I have decided to test myself, then passed the procedure of registration and have begun examination HTML Programmer e-certification, which successfully failed (have collected 2.64 points at checkpoint 2.75). It is the first attribute of real examination - to pass is not easy. It was politely recommended to me to read reference books and try again.

Examination consists of 40 questions with variants of answers (from 3 up to 7). Examinee is given 3 minutes to answer a question; countdown begins after the page fully loads. Probably, that one point is equal to 8 right answers as the greatest possible score is 5.0. Questions constantly vary; I realized it when making the second attempt next day.

It was necessary to read HTML 4.0 specification. Feeling more grounded, I have begun to repass, and strangely enough, have passed.
Now I have a right to place this picture on the site:


This history has received a little bit unexpected continuation on November, 22, 1999. The envelope containing two certificates with my name on them has come by mail: HTML Programmer and Written English. Taking into account that I passed the English test on September, 21, the certificates reached me in exactly two months (from Great Britain to Chita, Russia).

Unexpectedness is that I did not hope tekmetrics.com to take postal and other charges (to make papers costs some money). They did not charge a cent from me. Surprising but pleasant.


Is it difficult to become a webmaster? HTML Webspace SSI CGI
Advanced tools  Styles  Other technologies  Names, names...  Non-final conclusions

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