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Webmaster's Elementary

Is it difficult to become a webmaster? HTML Webspace SSI CGI
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Non-final conclusions

This chapter should be written first. However, as Russians say, "The wisest idea comes afterwards."

Settling on the Net is very simple. Pay only for Internet connection, and the rest is free. There is no big problem to learn HTML. They offer a lot of free hosting and other services for webmasters all over the world. Such an easiness literally provokes to build personal websites.

Properly, there is nothing bad in it. But the great expectations like "Now the whole world must know about me" can not justify in any way. Seems like visitors intentionally pass by the site and do not wish to look at coolest design.

The rude truth of life is that it is necessary to attract visitors. There are many ways to invite people, but all of them can not substitute the main. And the main thing is that a visitor should not feel annoyed after visiting the site. More better, if he wants to come again. And again...

So the first conclusion is: "What" is primary, "how" is secondary.
Content is the main reason to visit any site. Think yourself, what you prefer to buy at the newsstand: a modest book expertly telling about things of your interest or a magazine with glossy pages of various colours and ornaments with rarely printed clumsy verses?

If you are really able to tell about something in details and entertainingly, do not hesitate, it must be interesting for other people. Go ahead to share your knowledge with others.

But what should do those who are aware of own web design abilities but have no deep knowledge in other areas of interest? There are too much sites devoted to web design (including these pages). No pity, among your friends and relatives surely must be experts of some subjects. Tell them how easy is to give their knowledge to people worldwide, and they practically always should be glad to co-operate.

The second conclusion: the way of presenting content, or the design of site, is the second in importance.
The main function of design is to provide an adequate perception of the content. Consequently, it should not obstacle the visitor to percept the content. The pages must download quickly, otherwise the user will be annoyed. The text must be easily readable, so do not play with exotic combinations of background and font colours. The user wishes to navigate properly on your site, so help him: arrange your content logically, use easily understandable navigation tools. If you want to possess serious knowledge of design, read the articles at http://www.kirsanov.com/. They can help you to think in right way.

Dare to give an advice: use graphics where it is completely unavoidable. In my case this is the site's logo. It is not guaranteed that every user in the world has Chinese fonts installed, otherwise the problem could be quite solved with CSS.

So, you have got a site wisely composed and filled with interesting content. There has left the most lasting (in fact, never ending) and laborious part of work: the site's promotion.

The third conclusion: for promoting the site use every way available.
Register at search engines and Internet catalogs. If the catalogs offer to join ratings - join. In same catalogs look for the sites of similar topics and offer them to exchange links.

Put your URL into e-mail messages, so through ordinary correspondence you can acquire some readers for your site. But never write to unfamiliar people "Visit my site." It is called "spam" and meets most negative attitude.

If you have some artist's talent, make banners and join banner exchange systems.

Using these means is quite possible to attract curious people. Maybe, they even may like your site. But it is better to make them wish to come again and again.

Hence the fourth conclusion: add content and renew the site regularly.
Decide yourself how often and in which way you will do it. Advice from my experience: if your abilities are not enough, you can draw in other authors.

Perhaps, that is all. If you already have a site, maybe, something in this chapter can be of any use for you. To those who have not a site yet, but have something to tell to others, I can say: don't be afraid of difficulties, and you will make it out.

Is it difficult to become a webmaster? HTML Webspace SSI CGI
Advanced tools  Styles  Other technologies  Names, names...  Non-final conclusions

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