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Webmaster's Elementary

Is it difficult to become a webmaster? HTML Webspace SSI CGI
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People who don't know what CGI is, can be divided in two: those who knows absolutely nothing and those who thinks that CGI is something extremely complicated and beyond ordinary people's understanding. The last category includes majority of people who have just become familiar with HTML and are becoming soundly curious about more complicated things.

The devil is not so terrible as he is painted by our imagination. CGI is just another Web-technology that can be used by any person who is able to write HTML pages with Notepad.

Of course, CGI scripts are programs, therefore they are more complicated than HTML files. But nobody insists that you must be able to write them. If you need text-editing software, you have not to create it yourself! There is very useful site http://www.cgi-resources.com/ which has plenty of freeware and shareware scripts for any choice. Inside scripts there usually are instructions on use, so you can use them without learning how they work.

As for me, I use only one script of text counter. It is tuned up so that counts hits of any page, but the repeated hit within 6 hours from same IP address does not count. Graphic counters of catalogs and ratings are sensible to reloads, so the figures have difference.

Nevertheless, I must warn you: do not rely too much on CGI. Use it only where necessary. Evade to use CGI-generated pages. CGI scripts consume too much server's resources, so that can do many problems to your site's visitors and to hosting provider.

Is it difficult to become a webmaster? HTML Webspace SSI CGI
Advanced tools  Styles  Other technologies  Names, names...  Non-final conclusions

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