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the announcement!

Within the site there is the project “Places Worth to Visit”. There are articles about cities, countries, territories and areas of interest. I have planned to make three sections: “Little Chinas” (meaning the countries and territories with prevalence of Han population where Chinese is the language of state), “Russian Cities in China” (I hope, it is clear — the cities built or founded by our ancestors), “Jewels of China” (historically significant or simply very beautiful places). Naturally, I am not capable to write about everything. Moreover, had not been everywhere. Therefore I shall be rather glad, if someone from dear readers wishes to become dear writer and will send me the material for publication.

Requirements to the contents: interesting and cognitive. Technical requirements: a file in .txt format divided into paragraphs in DOS or Win encoding. Please do not send MS Word files — they are five times bigger. If accompany by photos, please, try to maintain the size of a .jpg file no more than 50KB, and send them one by one. It is necessary to specify the authorship of text and photos. It is better to offer more than one variant of headings to sustain compatibility with other articles. E-mail and homepage of the author (if present) will be necessarily specified, so those who wish to keep anonimity should mention this specially. Of course, no any payment — my project is absolutely non-commercial. Only the fact of publication and presentation your work to many readers serves as compensation.

Welcome to be published.

Places worth to visit

“Little Chinas”

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Uneasy to get there
What can be seen in a day?
Public transportation
Macau Sights and impressions
Taiwan General information
Taiwanese urban toponymy
Singapore General information

Russian Cities in China

Dalian City with open face
Development zone
Photos of 2004
Port Arthur
Port Arthur Our glory and shame
Photos of 2004
Harbin Born by the road
Embassy of Russia
Russian Embassy Little town in the heart of Peking

Jewels of China

Zhouzhuang China's little Venice

Photo by author, T. Fedorova, A. Samoilenko

Chinese software dictionary pack

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